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"We have the knowledge, experience and a firm commitment to quality"


On Site Support was formed, incorporated and began operations in July 2004 by Greg Bustamante.  However, the seeds of the concept were planted many years prior while Greg was a field technician, driving around Chicago servicing printers for other firms.  After graduating to senior technician, then dual roles as VP of operations and technical sales support, he soon realized standard operating procedures could not "fit" every client and began to think outside the box in order to customize support for each client.

This did not sit well with the establishment even though client satisfaction was never better, so On Site Support was started out of his home on a Monday morning with nothing more than a tool kit, a few spare parts and a most supportive and very scared wife, Irene.  Soon after those same clients took a chance and gave an opportunity to a one man show and Greg's appreciation shows every time we expedite a support request, fill a supply order or remote to a client and check the fleet.

We began using managed fleet software long before managed print was the new sales pitch of the day.  Fleet monitoring should be used to prevent hardware issues first and foremost, not simply to record page counts to generate a cost per copy invoice.  The goal for On Site Support and every client it supports is to keep hardware running with high efficiency at the lowest possible cost to the client, period.


personal attention


By John LeGear, Timothy Communications:


Well planned and properly supervised print management will save costs and free up I/T support, says Greg Bustamante, chief imaging consultant for On Site Support.  For more than two decades, Bustamante has been providing end-to-end imaging management to businesses, from assessing office needs and projecting costs to procuring hardware and providing round the clock error resolution.


Bustamante's personal attention to his clients' needs has always set On Site Support apart from competitors.  It begins with his preference for working out in the field and inside the trenches, where an ever evolving imaging industry can be experienced from a 360-degree perspective.  Bustamante's value to clients is measured by his ability to match their specific needs to the newest innovations.


"There is no effective cookie-cutter approach to what we do," Bustamante explained.  "We're constantly adapting to a changing environment to ensure business gets exactly what they need, when they need it, at a sensible cost.  It's good for them, but it's good for us too...the proverbial win-win."

"We have the knowledge, experience and a firm commitment to quality," concluded Bustamante.  "Our challenge today is to demonstrate to any business that we can deliver on our promise of cost-saving efficiency...and I will do that personally, as I always have.

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